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Jamal has been an outstanding therapist by being flexible, responsive and willing to meet me where I am. He listens and provides useful recommendations and co-creating solutions to many issues I face while also helping me recognize the progress and success I've had in making the changes I want to make.I've had in already taking action. I would highly recommend him as a therapist.

Jamal is kind, wise, and helpful, and after speaking to him I was able to find clarity and feel peaceful about family issues that were bothering me.

Jamal has been a wonderful counselor and I've had a great experience with him for the past 6 months. I've been able to grow into a more positive person to overcome obstacles that triggered my anxiety and hindered my confidence. Each session was incredibly resourceful and Jamal has been nothing but patient, kind, and empathic. I really appreciate all that he has done to help me become more motivated, happier, and resilient person. 

Jamal is amazing. He is a good listener and retains the information previously shared. He shows up on time for our sessions and provides perspective to the challenges I'm facing.

Jamal is a caring person who takes time to understand personal situations and recommend effective strategies.

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